“Kokiritia Te Aroha is a big project for Ngātiwai, with a very important kaupapa  affecting many of our whānau.”

Ngātiwai Trust Board

Kokiritia te Aroha – Youth Mental Health

Kokiritia Te Aroha is an app to explore techniques designed to assist mental health and encourage self confidence, leadership and holistic skills based on Māori philosophy and teachings.

The app was developed by a group of rangatahi (youth) in Te Tai Tokerau (Northland, New Zealand) through a Youth Development/Youth Suicide prevention programme developed by the Ngātiwai Trust Board and led by Dr Lily George.

“Kokiritia Te Aroha is a marae- based taitamariki development programme which has suicide prevention strategies that we have developed along with our taitamariki; a toolbox of resources that they can use along with their whānau.  It is about the restoration of identity for our whānau and their Ngātiwaitanga.”  Our Stories Ngātiwai Trust Board.

Te Ngakau (the heart) signifies that this project is a mahi aroha.  The heart is made up of three koru, signifying firstly the continuously unfolding journey of life and learning, and the three journeys we have been on together.

They show three states of mauri – mauri moe, mauri oho and mauri ora. While they are separate, they are also connected and interconnected. They signify the relationship we have with ourselves, with each other, and with everything around us.

Within our lives we can move often through the cycle of mauri moe, mauri oho and mauri ora.

The trick is knowing some strategies and building some resilience, so that even when you are in mauri moe, you know you can move out of that when you are ready and be engaged in a constant movement towards mauri ora.

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