KIWA is a World-leading Cultural Creative Agency

Using technology to enable the world’s voices to be heard authentically.

We bring Indigenous content to life using technology to build bridges of understanding, create positive perceptions, and motivate people to act with confidence when engaging with new cultural norms.

Founded in 2003 by award-winning film and television producer Rhonda Kite, the company was initially established as a post-production software company. Our first software product was VoiceQ, a tool designed to automatically dub foreign-language dialogue in television and film production. VoiceQ is used in studios worldwide and won a prestigious Hollywood Post Alliance Engineering Excellence Award.

At KIWA, we pride ourselves on using cutting-edge technology to create cutting-edge experiences.

After helping to revolutionise the post-production industry, we began to look at doing the same thing for apps. Despite advances in digital publishing, building e-books is still seen as a process that involves little more than creating an electronic representation of the existing text and images. We see technology as an enabler. To us, an unused feature is a missed opportunity. We go many steps further than scanning and reformatting content – we add to it and rarify it, making worlds come to life in a way authors have always wished for.

Our experiential apps are kinaesthetic and tactile. They are not books; they are immersive, interactive, and instructive experiences.