Reo-ification of New Zealand

Big business and government are backing te Reo Māori long-term.

KIWA  produces an interactive mobile app that introduces te Ao Māori to employees keen to understand more about the  unique identity New Zealanders cherish.

The apps are developed collaboratively and make the crucial link between language and culture, with customisable features that include te Reo Māori pronunciation and expressions, tikanga Māori, and the history and values of the organisation.

Projects launched recently include the Kawe Kōrero app by Waikato Regional Council. Developed to help staff, councillors and other councils to effectively communicate in partnerships with iwi and Māori, the app is getting rave reviews and interest well beyond its boundaries.

Apps launched internally include Tuia te ao for Spark New Zealand, an initiative to help Spark staff to incorporate more Māori protocol and language in to their work lives. This initiative reflects a growing focus on cultural diversity and inclusion within big business, including strong backing for the use of te Reo Māori.

“We aspire to reach at least 25% of New Zealand’s workforce with this resource within the next 12 months, to support what we call the reo-fication of our lives”.

Watch out for more projects coming soon: more Councils, another major DHB, a large corporate, our pre-eminent education agency, a leading tertiary institution and an Auckland secondary school.

We see a future where technology enables knowledge of te Reo Māori and tikanga Māori to be integrated into our work, travel, leisure and social media activities – providing on-demand access to Te Ao Māori in an inter-connected world.

Haere mai, Nau mai ki Te Aō Matahiko | Welcome to the Digital World.