Support for gifted learners

New Zealand’s Associate Education Minister Tracey Martin has announced a million dollar package of support for gifted education.

The Minister said restoring support and funding for gifted education is a priority. It is estimated that up to 40,000 learners are gifted in New Zealand.

The new package will support gifted learners and those with exceptional abilities. It will increase the range of opportunities for gifted learners to build on their strengths and aspirations, to experience success, wellbeing, and have access to better support and connections. 

“Gifted learners and notions of giftedness are diverse, both within and across cultures, and so the package of supports we’re offering is not a one size fits all.”

Hon Tracey Martin Associate Minister of Education New Zealand

The Ministry of Education developed the package and consults regularly with a group of expert researchers and practitioners on gifted education.  This group will also assist with monitoring how well the package is meeting the needs of gifted learners. 

The package includes:

  • Expansion of “one-day schools”, where gifted learners get together one day a week for classes aimed at challenging them.
  • New awards that will challenge and extend gifted students, by enabling them to complete a particular project or activity in areas that may be quite different from their usual learning. 
  • A programme of events, experiences and opportunities specifically for gifted learners. 
  • Strengthened guidance for teachers and kaiako.
  • Expansion of online learning modules.

More information and details of research undertaken can be found on the gifted website –  Gifted website