Digital publishing is the core of what we do at KIWA. Here is the process that we go through with our clients to turn their content into immersive, interactive, and instructive experiences.


Content strategy

Audience analysis

Production plan


Living in the world of ideas and stories means being surrounded by possibility. At KIWA, we feel we have only begun to tap the realm of possibility that technology provides us. When we see a beautifully illustrated children’s book, or read a traditional story, or learn more about an organisation’s vision, we can hear the birds chirping, the wind blowing, the people bustling … and we want to bring that to life.

The ideation phase is all about finding what makes your content special and deciding how we’re going to make that experience even more real, including for those of us who can’t see very well, or need help to read. We’d like to help as many people as possible share your passion.

Steven Renata

Creative Brief

UI Design Storyboarding


Review & Feedback


It’s important to remember that an experiential app is a software application not a book.

So we’re sure to ask questions like “Who is going use it? Do they understand menus? Do they want to read it in order, or go to their favourite page?” Users need obvious navigation cues, and some people need intuitive audio prompting to find their way around.

During the design phase we spend time getting down to the nitty-gritty details about what should appear on each page.

Bryan Field

Recording & Synchronisation


Illustration & Animation



The production phase is all about creation: script, translation, illustration, animation, video, interactive functions and the highest quality audio recording.

Content is brought to dramatic life by our award-winning narrators and sound engineers, who synchronise the dramatic narration to highlighted text, word by word.  If the badger in a children’s book needs to shiver in the cold, we will animate that — as well as recording and synchronising the sound effects to make your readers shiver too!

Nathan Mataroa

& upgrades





We can support your digital distribution process on an ongoing basis, taking the sticky business of deployments, software upgrades, and marketing off your hands.

Technology presents an unprecedented opportunity to learn from readers. So, as part of this service, we also provide ongoing reporting on downloads on a country and time basis, as well as analysis that can help you understand what is working, and what can be improved.

Clare Niap