““The goal is to bring the expertise, knowledge and sensitivity of the elders of the Pilbara into the digital age. This will ensure cultural continuity, where our young people remain strong in retaining their Aboriginal language, culture and history.””

Julie Walker, Manager Wangka Maya Aboriginal Language Centre

Thanamarra ngananha malgu

June Injie

Thanamarra ngananha malgu  What are they doing? contains an engaging story about the habits of some animals, both native and introduced, that can be found in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

The story demonstrates the keen observation of animal behaviour by the Yinhawangka storyteller, as expressed in her rich and concise language.

It is supported by rich animations  that make the emu run and the dingo howl…

This story is told in the Yinhawangka language with English translation. Yinhawangka is a severely endangered language from the Pilbara region.

The Yinhawangka People traditionally lived in the area containing the Angelo, Ashburton and Hardey Rivers, Kunderong Range, Mount Vernon Station, Rocklea and Turee Creek.

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