"Kei runga noa atu Te rerehua o ngā pikitia, te reka o ngā reo. Kia tere rā te whakaputa I ētehi atu pukapuka. He pai hoki mā aku tamariki te whai I ngā kupu. Tēnā, whakarewahia ngā pukapuka nei mo te rorohiko hoki :) Tēnā rā koutou."

Pare Bare – Review on Google Play

“Ka rawe!!!! Ko tētahi o ngā kaupapa a motu mō ngā whakamātautau a-waho mō tēnei tau ko 'ngā rāwekeweke a ngā tūpuna' - he rawe te rauemi nei mō te kaupapa nui rā.

Medadane Kipa, Green Bay High School

“Kiwa Digital has produced a quality set of graphic novellas that support our goal of revitalising te reo Māori in online and offline communities.”

Tuehu Harris – Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori

Te Wehenga o Ranginui rāua ko Papatūānuku


Te Wehenga o Ranginui rāua ko Papatūānuku tells the story of the separation of Sky Father (Ranginui) and Earth Mother (Papatūānuku).  They lay in a close embrace for many, many years before some of their children began to consider the restrictions they existed under.

Curiosity led a number of the sons to venture out from the warmth and security that the parents provided. They discovered beauty and space outside, but also chilling and adverse weather. They hastily returned to the protection of home, as they had always known it.

More time passed before murmurings about dissatisfaction arose amongst the siblings. Some of them aspired to leave the confines of darkness and limited space while others wanted to stay. But momentum and support of the idea to go built, until all that was left to decide was how they would separate Ranginui and Papatūānuku.

This is the second in a series of graphic novellas designed to re-tell the traditional stories of New Zealand’s Māori people in an innovative and contemporary format.

The series features synchronized text and audio in both the Māori and English languages, as well as the Swipe-to-Read™ function which allows the reader to hear and play back the story at their own pace.

The language resource was produced with the support of Mā te Reo and Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori to promote the use of te reo Māori in Aotearoa | New Zealand. FREE to download and share on the App store and Google Play.


  • Swipe-to-Read™
  • Touch-to-Hear™
  • Touch-to-Spell™
  • Record your narration
  • Character animation
  • Multiple languages