“What a great resource! It is so cool that you have captured our story in this way and preserved it. Amazing graphics - they really bring it to life! Ka mau te wehi!“

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“Your commitment to the kaupapa and achieving te reo Māori outcomes for your iwi Māori communities has been an awesome highlight for me during our working relationship. Tēnā rawa atu kōrua.“

Te Rangikaiwhiria Reiri, Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori

"Purchased your Ngā Atua series. My classroom absolutely love em. More please. Amazing illustrations and voice recording and blown by the music. Plan to play at whole school assembly."

Pare Paul – Teacher

“Vibrant, evocative artwork combined with sound and animation bring these traditional Māori stories to vivid life for today's youth. This is an exciting development for the comic book medium, and an innovative way to bring these important stories into the modern age.”

Ant Sang – Comic Book Artist & Designer

Te Pakanga i Te Paerangi


Te Pakanga i Te Paerangi is the third story in the series of Ngā Atua Māori – a sequence of graphic novellas that re-tell the traditional stories of Māori people in a contemporary format.

Te Pakanga i Te Paerangi tells the story of the battle between Tūmatauenga and Whiro; sons of Ranginui (Sky Father) and Papatūānuku (Earth Mother). This is an event that stemmed from long-held grudges between the two brothers and each of their factions.

Disagreement over the separation of their parents was just one of the incidents that in the end, gave rise to war and the brothers leaving to permanent and separate dwellings.

Here, we are introduced to brothers not mentioned in previous stories but whose actions and contributions led to the fall of Whiro. We learn how he fled to The Underworld. It is from there and to this day, that Whiro-te-Tipua continues to wage war on Tāne and us, his human descendants in the form of diseases and pestilence.

The graphic novella is entirely in te reo Māori and is able to be swapped out into English. It includes audio narration synchronised with text, traditional Māori instrumentation and visual effects.

This language resource was produced with the support of Mā te Reo and Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori to promote the use of te reo Māori in Aotearoa | New Zealand.

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