“The digital project is making a vital contribution to the revitalisation of Pilbara languages. The goal is to bring the expertise, knowledge and sensitivity of the elders of the Pilbara into the digital age.”

Julie Walker, Manager Wangka Maya Aboriginal Language Centre

Pilurnpaya Ngurrinu

The Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre has launched a series of four immersive apps produced in its newly established Digital Innovation Hub.

Designed to preserve the Pilbara region’s indigenous languages, culture and history, the apps communicate traditional stories and knowledge with a unique indigenous perspective.

Pilurnpaya Ngurrinu (They found a bird) is a children’s story with audio  told to Martu teacher Janelle Booth by children from Jigalong.

It features Martu Wangka and English readings of the story, plus colouring in images and extensive notes on the linguistic details on the Martu Wangka language.

Martu Wangka, or Wangkatjunga (Wangkajunga), is a variety of the Western Desert language that emerged during the 20th century in Western Australia as several indigenous communities shifted from their respective territories to form a single community. It is spoken in the vicinity of Christmas Creek and Fitzroy Crossing.

  • Swipe-to-Read™
  • Touch-to-Hear™
  • Touch-to-Spell™
  • Record your narration
  • Colour in the illustrations
  • Multiple languages