Kathleentharndu Wanggangarli

Kathleen Hubert

The stories in Kathleentharndu Wanggangarli  (Kathleen’s Stories) were first recorded in 2009 by Banyjima Elder Kathleen Hubert with the help of linguist Eleanora Deak.

Kathleen created the stories for her children and grandchildren, to help keep their language skills strong.

The stories were originally published as five separate booklets and made available to Kathleen’s family.

In 2014 Kathleen generously gave Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre permission to publish the stories and make them available to the wider community.

This second edition was compiled by Annie Edwards-Cameron as part of the 2014 IBN Language Project. Many thanks are due to Kathleen’s daughters May Byrne and Karen Hubert and granddaughter Dolly for their permission to reproduce their photos in these stories.

Thanks also are due to staff at Karlarra House for their support.


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