“Regional stories and legends, passed orally from adults to youth, were designed to teach important lessons about cultural traditions, beliefs, and survival skills. In this way, indigenous languages have long played an important role in the education of Alaska Native children. As a Native elder once told me, Our language IS our culture.”

Steve Nelson, AASB

Arnaq Tunucillek-llu

A traditional tale from Western Alaska that tells of a mysterious visitor’s supernatural secret and a young lady’s perilous curiosity.

This Cup’ik language story is artfully illustrated with intricate dioramas depicting traditional cultural activities that were constructed by students and teachers at Chevak school.

The book is used as part of Kashunamiut School District’s Cup’ik language immersion program, and contains features that promote word recognition to build beginner level Cup’ik language reading skills.

It also includes interactive sound touch zones and other audio effects that will immerse readers in this atmospheric story.



  • Swipe-to-Read™
  • Touch-to-Hear™
  • Touch-to-Spell™
  • Record your narration
  • Colour in the illustrations
  • Character animation
  • Multiple languages