"What an innovative, interactive and inclusive way to incorporate the learnings from another culture to improve healthcare outcomes for everyone. ka kite ano"

Ben Bradley

"Love the new app! Learning about Marae protocols and layout. Helping my 2 children with their mihimihis. Great app."

Gillian Selman

"This is a great app! It helps students like me who grew up from a different country to know and use Te Reo for studies and communication with Maori. It can also teach us about the culture and many ways on how to apply it on our careers and every day life."

Fatima Leygo-Ragasa

"I love the app, especially when you can see the words and hear the sound of the word or sentences. This will be a very valuable app, I will enjoy my learning at my leisure. Hei kona mai."

Rose Kumu

"I had a patient want to do a Karakia the other day- we participated but I wish I had know all this explanation before."

Clare Fisher

"Great app! I like how you can keep clicking on the word to practice your pronunciation. Tena koutou katoa!"

Kylie Osterfield

"Been using this app for the last week to make my communications more culturally appropriate, to check my pronunciation, to find appropriate greetings. This app will definitely raise my own, and hopefully as I share, my colleagues' awareness of being more culturally appropriate. Using Te Reo will I hope raise the profile and mana of Tangata Whenua I serve."

Lynda Mance

"I'm singing along to the waiata's and loving the English translations that give them so much more meaning. The pronunciation guidance in the app is what captures me the most, I really want to sing and speak clearly and with confidence. This app is helping on my Te reo journey."

Deborah Patterson

"I love that I now have my own mihimihi. How special is that!!!!! I can use it when I introduce myself at conference next month!!!!!!"

Bev Hopper

Te Whatu Ora – Āke Āke

Waitematā District Health Board and Auckland District Health Board

Kia ora! Nau mai, haere mai ki Āke Āke.

Pronunciation of te reo Māori, cultural protocol and waiata are the main focus of this new mobile app, Āke Āke, launched by Waitematā and Auckland District Health Boards.

Āke Āke took a year to develop and includes an interactive user-friendly guide to Māori customs and traditions.

Āke Āke enables users to understand the pōwhiri process, get to know the layout of a marae and learn the meaning behind well-known waiata. The app also includes an easy-to-use audio feature to help people with their pronunciation.

Āke Āke gives users the ability to write their own mihi, a formal introduction in te reo Māori, by entering their details.

Chief Advisor of Tikanga at Waitematā and Auckland DHBs, Dame Rangimarie Naida Glavish, says Āke Āke was born out of a desire to raise cultural awareness among healthcare staff:

“Throughout the app, you will notice a theme highlighting an inherent sense of manaakitanga (caring) within te Ao Māori (the Māori world) that intertwines nicely with the culture of healthcare”.

“This app helps us support staff by enhancing that desire to manaaki (care for) and work effectively with all people, including Māori. “Āke Āke will help us become better-connected with Māori and work to improve health outcomes for this community.”

UPDATE: now includes language puzzles incorporating Te tinana kupu, workplace kopu, images on your pepeha and new karakia.

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  • Record your narration
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