"I wanted the wahine Māori gods to exist so we saw ourselves in them, the struggles, the challenges. A lot of the themes in the stories are quite overwhelming, quite adult and they deal with a lot of issues. So it wasn't about moving away from them, it was about looking at them and showing how resilient we are as people, as women. And how when you empower yourself, you end up making the choices that really matter to you."

Ramon Te Wake, Author

Aho Wahine – Hinenuitepō

Story by Ramon Te Wake
Artwork by Taupuruariki Brightwell
Te Reo Māori by Hēmi Kelly
Music by Maree Sheehan

This is an interpretation of an aspect of the Māori creation story, from Aotearoa New Zealand, told from the point of view of Hinenuitepō, the goddess of the underworld.

It describes how she was once known as Hine-Tītama, but upon learning that her lover and the father of her daughters was in fact also her own father, decided to leave this world and descend to Rarohenga where she would never have to see him again.

Produced with the support of the Copyright Licensing New Zealand Contestable Fund, the Aho Wahine series of digital graphic novels breathe new life into the traditional stories of Aotearoa New Zealand, by re-imagining them from the point of view of the female characters.

This series also features synchronized text and audio in both the Māori and English languages, as well as the Swipe-to-Read function which allows the reader to hear and play back the story at their own pace.

Purchase from the App Store and Google Play, the first in the series Papatūānuku is free to download.

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