"Everything evolves. Language evolves, technology evolves, identity evolves. So too does our story."

Ramon Te Wake, Author

Aho Wahine – Hineahuone

Story by Ramon Te Wake
Artwork by Munro Te Whata
Te Reo Māori by Hēmi Kelly
Music by Maree Sheehan

This is an interpretation of an aspect of the Māori creation story, from Aotearoa New Zealand, told from the point of view of Hineahuone the first earth formed woman.

It describes how she was fashioned from the clay of the earth and then brought to life by Tāne Mahuta – God of the Forest, who would then become her lover.

Produced with the support of the Copyright Licensing New Zealand Contestable Fund, the Aho Wahine series of digital graphic novels breathe new life into the traditional stories of Aotearoa New Zealand, by re-imagining them from the point of view of the female characters.

The series includes te reo Māori and English narrations with music that elevate the stories of Papatūānuku, Hineahuone, Hinetītama, Hinenuitepō and Mahuika.

Purchase from the App Store and Google Play, the first in the series Papatūānuku is free to download.

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  • Record your narration
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  • Multiple languages
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