Science Fiction or Reality?

The rapidly changing technology landscape is accelerating digital transformation within the staff and classroom.

Even though new technologies like artificial intelligence, bots and virtual learning assistants may feel still feel like science fiction for many, they will soon be as familiar as using iPads or connecting with students in a video meeting room.

We need to get prepared now to ensure teachers and students are ready to harness the potential of these new technologies in the classroom and ultimately the workplace of the future.

The rapidly changing technology landscape is accelerating digital transformation within the staff and classroom.

This opinion piece identifies five technologies taking centre stage in the education sector over the coming year:

  1. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN EDUCATION The integration of Artificial Intelligence technologies in education (AIEd) shows no signs of slowing down. Imagine the possibilities of each student having their own virtual learning assistant, or Bot powered by AI that can support a student throughout their studies, creating a personalised learning journey. Or, new assessment models that measure in real time as they happen and can adapt content accordingly.
  1. IMMERSIVE EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Wider access to devices is leading to wider use of virtual reality technologies, creating truly immersive learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Tools like Microsoft’s HoloLens, Google Expedition and Windows 10’s Mixed Reality Viewer are continuing to change the way subjects are taught as students and educators engage with content and externally based experts in new ways – blending the real and virtual worlds.
  1. THE HYPER COLLABORATIVE CLASSROOM Using video collaboration and digital content sharing to deliver on demand or personalised learning, enabling access to experts not possible before, and provide richer learner experiences for remote based students :  ‘anywhere learning’ within the classroom.
  1. SMART CAMPUSES IN THE CLOUD  This involves harnessing ICT excellence in the areas of sourcing, management and accountability, catering to a diverse range of needs from learners to educators and campus administrative teams.
  1. CODING GROWS FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH Coding continues to grow in popularity and the way it’s taught is fast evolving. We are also seeing a much-needed increase in private sector technology partners developing innovative educational content, provide guest expertise and transfer knowledge.

For full report, Education HQ by Mei Lin Low