Wherever you are on your CQ journey, KIWA gives you a roadmap for success.

What is Cultural Intelligence (CQ), and why do you need a check-up?

Cultural intelligence measures how well we relate to and work effectively in culturally diverse situations. It’s the capability to cross boundaries and prosper within multiple cultures. In Aotearoa, a vital component of our CQ is sharing aspects of Te Reo and Te Ao Māori.


KIWA is a world-leading production house for experiential digital apps.

We bring Te Ao Māori content to life using mana-enhancing technology to build bridges of understanding, create positive perceptions, and motivate people to act with confidence when engaging with new cultural norms.

Our tailormade KIWA apps have been shown to:

  • Enhance employees’ cultural intelligence.
  • Improve employees’ confidence levels in engaging with te Ao Māori.
  • Sustain current confidence and growth of staff in executive roles and support staff in non-executive roles who have had less opportunity to engage.
  • Provide younger employees with tools to improve their Māori cultural capability, responding to their strong desire to learn.
  • Provide evidence to younger employees that the organisation is striving to engage with Māori more effectively.