Winners of Innovation in Media, Music and Entertainment

Winning the media, music & entertainment category at this year’s New Zealand Innovation Awards validated our philosophy and commitment to cultural story telling for the digital generation.

Philosophically we believe that education is everyone’s the right from birth and it is our responsibility to provide the environment and tools to ensure our tangata whenua (people of the land) thrive as global citizens. Formerly among the top-performing OECD nations, Aotearoa (NZ) is now outside the top 10 countries in reading and science, and barely above the average in math. In countries previously ranked below Aotearoa, scores improved or declined only slightly. That was enough to push Aotearoa from seventh to 13th in reading, seventh to 18th in science and from 13th to 23rd in maths.

At KIWA® we believe mediocrity breeds mediocrity and we deserve better. That requires a new mindset for high performance lifestyle and disruptive innovation. In contrast the definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting a different result. Our approach has been to work closely with the world-leading New Zealand Ministry of Education (NZE) to develop the KIWA SLAM™ process and KIWA BOOK™ platform. The NZE curriculum has a vision of “young people who will be confident, connected, connected, actively involved lifelong learners.” Achieving this vision has been broken down into the development of five key competencies. Thinking, using symbols, language and texts, managing self, relating to others and participating and contributing.

The KIWA workshop methodology to achieving outcomes is driven by three principles. Firstly, honoring the author’s lens regardless of age, language or literacy. Secondly meaningful translation of language(s). Thirdly using technology, including computers and IPADS, to enable the process and improve assessment ability.

Independent research shows that the KIWA SLAM™ process has measurable benefits across all of these competencies for youth who are as risk of disengagement from learning:

Competency Key participant statistic [1]
Thinking 86% came up with new ideas they hadn’t before
Using symbols, language and texts 91% believed that their writing and storytelling ability had improved
Managing self 77% changed their mind on an important issue over the course of the project
Relating to others 87% helped someone else in their group
Participating and contributing 100% involved in at least one project task, and 63% in two or more

In summary our award recognizes the students, their teachers, our partners and KIWA® as facilitators.

Here’s to being back in top 10 – Mauri Ora


[1] Research conducted by international firm TNS