Building something meaningful

We opened our new production house in Victoria Park on Friday the 2nd of May surrounded by ministers, benefactors, customers, and world-famous executive producers inside a converted stable filled with dozens of examples of cutting edge technology. It seems I have found myself living very much in the future.

“It seems I have found myself living very much in the future.”

Watching the Economic Development Minister crack a huge smile and tell the room how excited his son will be when he shows him Kiwa’s Hairy Maclary app was wonderful. Hearing the hustle and bustle of Auckland’s entrepreneurs as they tried out our latest work on the iPads placed strategically around the room was humbling. Seeing Waihoroi Shortland poke some fun to the resounding laughter of the audience, and hearing his heartfelt recognition of our successes was something of an emotional roller coaster.

In the middle of all the busyness I had a brief moment of pause to look around. When I did, I noticed between those smiling, older, very recognisable kiwi leaders, were my team. Clad in Kiwa t-shirts, the shy, not so old, genius developers and testers and writers and animators and musicians that embody Kiwa and its vision.

They are the ones building the meaningful product, and my never-ending work is to create a meaningful place for them to do it in. I’m immensely proud of them all, and everything that they’ve accomplished. I like to believe that it’s their future – and their children’s future – that I’ve found myself in.